He must reign till He has put all enemies under His feet. (I Corinthians 15:25)


Modern Language
Versions of the Homilies

We are working on a project to update the language in the Anglican Homilies to make them more accessible to the modern reader. Listed below are the drafts that are available at this time:

Check back often for additions to this list.

From the 39 Articles

Article XXXV. Of the Homilies

The second Book of Homilies, the several titles whereof we have joined under this Article, doth contain a godly and wholesome doctrine and necessary for these times, as doth the former Book of Homilies which were set forth in the time of Edward the Sixth: and therefore we judge them to be read in Churches by the ministers diligently and distinctly, that they may be understanded of the people.

Although this explanation was written more than 400 years ago, the homilies are so steeped in Scripture that they remain appropriate for our time.